Awards Ceremony at Village Hall

With the patient’s permission:  This is a short recap of the series of events which lead to the Awards Ceremony at Village Hall.

Photos of the accident scene on June 30th this year.


Photo taken on August 11th, showing his miraculous recovery.


The First Responders, who were instrumental in saving the life of a critically injured patient, who was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident on East Main Street on June 30th of this year, were recognized by Mayor Robert Williams, Chief Nelson Diaz and the patient’s mother.

Those First Responders included the following:

Elmsford Police Department:  Police Officers Thomas Casey, Dominic Grimaldi and Douglas Ramirez.

Elmsford Fire Department:  Deputy Chief Ed Rush, Captain Scott Jones, Firefighters James Malone Sr, Ray DeSousa and Jasin Lulanaj.

Fairview Fire Department:  Captain Eugene Malone IV, Firefighters Ralph Crum, Angel Rodriguez and Leonard Callagy.

Greenburgh Police Department:  Paramedics Paul Mullin and Adam Hamblin.

See photos below:

Police Officer Thomas Casey

Police Officer Dominic Grimaldi

Police Officer Douglas Ramirez

Deputy Chief Ed Rush

Captain Scott Jones

Firefighter Ray DeSousa   

Firefighter James Malone, Sr.

Paramedic Paul Mullin

Captain Eugene Malone IV

Firefighter Ralph Crum