104th Annual Department Inspection

The Annual Department Inspection took place on October 20th, at Knollwood Country Club.
It was attended by numerous members, guests, visiting chiefs and other dignitaries.
Chief Signor presented awards for years of service, as well as other accomplishments.

Members’ years of service (5 year increments)
Former Chief Thomas Bock – 50 years

Former Chief Douglas Daniels – 50 years
Former Captain Anthony Dorio – 50 years

Firefighter Richard Tom – 35 years
Firefighter Raymond DeSousa – 30 years

Former Chief Sydney Henry – 25 years
Former Assistant Chief Syed Alirahi – 25 years
Firefighter Alvin Kutka – 25 years
Former Chief Eugene Malone – 20 years
Captain Anthony Graves – 20 years
Firefighter Michael Margiotta – 20 years

Former Captain Damoy Green – 10 years
Firefighter Dylon Signor – 5 years

Department Mechanic Appreciation Award
Village Mechanic Kyle Whippo

Driver of the Year 2023
David Signor, Jr.

Firefighter of the Year 2023
Deputy Chief Sydney Henry